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National Farmers Union drafts seed act

The National Farmers Union (NFU) put forward its draft for an act that it claims will put public before private interest when it comes to seeds.

Terry Boehm, chair of the NFU's seed and trade committee, was on hand at an event in Saskatoon Monday morning to present the outline of the Fundamental Principles for a Farmers' Seed Act.

"The NFU  has a long history of working on seed issues, intellectual property issues, and a long history of analyzing and worrying about the consequences of tighter intelectual property controls," he said.

Premier Wall agrees rail capacity critical to grow exports

Saskatchewan's economy has been growing so fast that railways can’t keep up with exports of everything from grain to steel pipes and natural resources.

Premier Brad Wall said the provincial government is paying close attention to this logistical problem.

“These challenges in terms of moving our products are not just this year or next year, we need to deal with this with a long-term view,” he said.

Record exports in SK putting pressure on rail capacity

It’s the story of an economic boom - in Saskatchewan we have what the world wants - but getting our commodities from a landlocked province to markets around the world is becoming a greater challenge with record exports putting pressure on railways.

Grain farmer still waiting for pay-off from record harvest

For Saskatchewan grain farmers the phrase ‘waiting for a train’ takes on a whole new meaning when your yearly income depends on the railway.

Bumper crop makes storage hot topic at CWP

A historic bumper crop, low prices and slow moving product all have farmers thinking storage at Crop Production Week (CPW).

Storage producers say sales are up as farmers look to store their big hauls until prices go up or transportation – particularly by rail – flows better.

Saskatchewan government investing $7 million in crop research

Coming off of the a banner year for Saskatchewan's farmers, the provincial government is investing $7 million for crop research; that's $500,000 more than was allocated in 2013, but $1.3 million less than in 2012.

46 projects are being funded, including ones looking at improving disease resistance in wheat, improving mustard yields by identifying new varieties and weed control practices. Research into pulses, and oilseeds got the most funding pegged at more than $1.4 million each.

Grain industry meets in Saskatoon


Sixteen thousand people are expected to come through the gates at Prairieland Park for this week's Western Canadian Crop Production Show.

Agriculture Manager Lori Cates said every square inch of floor space is spoken for with a total of 336 companies using more than 1,000 trade show booths.

The show annually draws farmers from the three Prairie Provinces and companies from across North America. Twenty U.S. companies will be at this year's show.

Agriculture sector grows for the 1st time in decades

Saskatchewan is once again the place to be if you want to work in Canada.

The province has the lowest unemployment rate in the country. It sits at 3.9 per cent in December compared with 4.1 per cent a month earlier. The next closest province is Alberta, at 4.8 per cent.

Cheerios' GMO removal insignificant to Sask. farmers

A decision by General Mills to remove all genetically modified (GM) food products from their Original Cheerios cereal shouldn’t be of much concern to farmers in Saskatchewan, at least according to Agriculture Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) President Norm Hall.

Wheat Board backers appeal lawsuit decision

Despite a setback, Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board are trying again to push forward a lawsuit against the federal government.

About a month ago half of the group's class action lawsuit was allowed to go forward while half was stopped. The half that was stalled pertained to forcing compensation from the federal government for assets held by the board which were taken by the government when the board's monopoly was disbanded.

The Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board are appealing that ruling.

Saskatchewan leading fight to end oilseed restrictions

Saskatchewan is leading the battle for western provinces when it comes to oilseed producers and processors against Quebec.

Quebec currently has restrictions on the sale of things like coffee creamers, margarines and dessert toppings.

“If we don’t have a foundation of free trade here at home within Canada, that puts us on our back foot,” explained Saskatchewan’s minister responsible for trade Tim McMillan.

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