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Update: Investigators find child responsible for three garage fires

Reported by Fran├žois Biber
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Saskatoon Police have identified the youth responsible for setting two fires yesterday at two locations.

The seven-year-old boy will not be charged due to his age, however he will be required to enroll in the Firestop program with Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services.

Fortunately no one was injured during either incident.

Just before 6 p.m. on Tuesday Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services responded to the 300 block of Avenue K North after reports about a garage fire.

Loretta was with her two daughters playing in Westmount Park when six-year-old Jarrica heard some crackling.

"She seen the smoke and said 'look mom' so I looked back, got a little closer to see if it was a house burning and sure enough the flames got bigger and I called 9-1-1," Loretta said.

Fire crews were on scene quickly and extinguished the fire, but not before the flames claimed the garages at 316 and 318 Avenue K.

Brendan Kolebaba is the owner of 318 Avenue K. He said he was about to start supper when he noticed his neighbours were out on his front lawn.

"I thought maybe someone had lost a ball or something so I opened the door and they said 'hey your garage is on fire' so I went to the back and my garage was on fire," Kolebaba said.

Fortunately he had nothing of value in his garage except for empty beer cans. Kolebaba said he was planning on ripping it down soon anyway.

Earlier in the day emergency crews were called to a fire in the 200 block of Avenue L North. A mattress fire had spread to a garage. A witness reported seeing two young boys running from the scene.

The fire department's Bill Coffin said the Firestop program is a series of meeting with the individual and family, to show the cause and affect of what fire does and some lessons that they can live by.

"They see and old place and think it's great because it will light up, but they don't know what the consequences might be," Coffin said.

"Someone might be sleeping next door, and there are other things that can happen."

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