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Kory Sheets embarrassed by charges, looks to move on

Sheets on final strike with the team
Reported by Joel Gasson
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All eyes were on Roughriders running back Kory Sheets on Tuesday, but for all the wrong reasons.

On Monday, News Talk Radio told you first about Sheets being charged with domestic violence charges in the off season.

Tuesday, Sheets stood in front of a slew of reporters for the first time since.

"It's something I'm not proud of, and I'm really embarrassed that it happened," said Sheets. "Really, I just want to get past this situation."

Sheets was charged in January, but according to General Manager Brendan Taman he didn't sit down with the team to talk about it until March.

"We brought him in and sat him down and told him to go through the legal process," said Taman. "He finished that process and was able to move on."

Taman wasn't told directly by Sheets what had happened, but Taman did say he informed someone within the organization.

So if Sheets was charged in January, what took so long for him to tell the team?

"I wanted to tell the team in person, I don't want to make a phone call and give them bad news," said Sheets. "I felt like I had to be a man about the situation."

For his part Taman felt the team learned in due time, and he could understand to a degree why Sheets didn't tell them right away.

"I think there was a little bit of angst on his part to try and figure out what to do before he told us," said Taman.

The next big question then is, if the team knew a while ago, why didn't they bother to tell anyone?

"Part of it is (Sheets) needed to get through the end of May basically to get the case resolved one way or the other," said Taman. "Had it not been resolved we would have been able to handle it right before he came up."

Sheets is definitely on thin ice now, not only with the team but with the law in the United States as well.

Taman said that Sheets is on his final strike, based on the team's code of conduct and has faced internal discipline, but wouldn't go into details about what happened.

Meanwhile, Sheets is also on a special permit to allow him to cross the border and play football in Canada. If he slips up again, that permit could easily be revoked.

"We still have some work to do with our immigration people, and that process will continue," said Taman.

Part of what Sheets had to go through in order to make sure he could keep playing football this year was take a domestic violence course. Sheets said the 14 class course was definitely an eye opener.

"People basically do domestic violence every day and don't even know it," said Sheets. "Ignoring someone you love and care about it is domestic violence, and that's something you shouldn't do."

Training Camp Notes

- Chamblin says he's not overly worried about the every growing injury list for his team, adding only a handful are likely week 1 starters.

- Mike McCullough is listed as week-to-week with a bicep injury. He left the field in Saturday in considerable pain. Chamblin wouldn't provide a firm time line on his recovery, but did say McCullough still had a place on this team. He also thinks McCullough is smart enough to be a coach now if he wanted.

- Chamblin basically confirmed that Patrick Neufeld has a broken leg, but did so by saying whatever Leader Post reporter Murray McCormick writes is true.

- Chamblin isn't worried about which quarterback starts for Edmonton on Friday, he also confirmed Darian Durant will start, but did add he won't get much playing time overall.