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Citizen calls out Saskatoon councillor's prayer at government event

Ashu Solo says the prayer showed favouritism toward the Christian religion, and violates the separation of church and government
Reported by Chris Mangatal
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A Saskatoon man is up in arms after Councillor Danauer read a Christian prayer last week to kick off a volunteer appreciation banquet.

The offended man, Ashu Solo, said the prayer is a violation of the separation between church and government, and showed political favouritism toward the Christian faith.

"This is not a Christian city or a Christian country," he said.

"It's a secular and multi-cultural country."

Solo wants an apology from Mayor Atchison and Councillor Donauer, along with a promise it won't happen again at future government events.

Mayor Atchison, however, suggested they compromise by using a different prayer from different faith groups every year.

"If people still say they are non-believers of anything, maybe there's one year that, in fact, we have no worship at all," Atchison said.

Solo rebuked the notion, arguing there are far too many religions to accomodate everyone.

Edited by News Talk Radio's Jared Knoll.