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The Sarah Mills Show

The Sarah Mills Show!

Join Sarah Mills weekdays from 1-4 p.m. as she takes on life, politics, and SHOES!

Whether it’s discussing everyday life topics that we can all relate to or taking on the latest news headlines, Sarah’s the new "Queen of Talk" in Saskatchewan!

Dave Arnold joins Sarah each day along with a complete bevy of guests! Join in the fun of the “Free-For-All Round Table” conversations each day!

  • Round 1 at 1 features Murray Wood and Bronwyn Eyre each day;
  • Round 2 at 2 sees a return of Bronwyn with the Leader Post’s Murray Mandryk;
  • Round 3 at 3 has Lise Merle Monday & Tuesday, and Tenille Lafontaine Monday through Friday!

You’ll also hear "Movie Thursdays" with special guest Kat Angus from Yahoo! Canada, and of course; the famous "Cocktail Fridays" where the show bartender "Judd" joins to mix up the cocktail of the week to toast the weekend!

Show Notes

The Sarah Mills Show - November 25, 2014

Round 1 @ One! Murray Mandryk and Bronwyn Eyre join the round table to discuss whether they are having second thoughts about putting their parents in homes.


Are You Worried About Putting Your Parents In A Home
Three employees at a Regina nursing home that was at the centre of a recent controversy are speaking out today, describing Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home as a troubled place with bad food that has failed to make needed improvements. Many of us have parents that are aging that may need care we simply can’t provide on our own.  After hearing these stories does this put you off care homes for them?

Round 2 @ Two! Bronwyn Eyre and Murray Wood are in the hot seats to talk about if we should be legislating children's physical activity.


Do We Need To Legislate Children’s Physical Activity
Only 7 per cent of Canadian kids ages five to 11 years are active enough to meet Canada’s basic daily physical-activity guidelines according to a recent report.  Will it take legislating physical activity for kids to bring that number up?  How do we get kids more active?  How does your school gym experience compare with your kids today?

Round 3 @ Three! Lise Merle and Tenille Lafontaine are chatting with us about when people should be putting up Christmas decorations.


When Is The Right Time To Put Up Christmas Decorations
It may not even be December yet but many people have already gotten into full swing with Christmas decorations. Whether it is just a decorated tree and lights or whether you go all out with the blowup decorations in the lawn, when is the right time to put them up at home or at work?  How much is too much?

About The Sarah Mills Show

Sarah’s spent the last decade as one of Saskatchewan's most trusted voices, bringing the audience the biggest stories as only she can.

Born and raised in London, England, Sarah made frequent trips to Saskatchewan to visit members of her extended family. After pursuing a law degree, she was enticed to enter the world of journalism, leading her to make the permanent move to Regina to continue her career in broadcasting.

Sarah's education, her knack for critical thinking, and a willingness to ask the tough questions quickly pushed her to the top tier of Regina media. Before long she was named senior reporter in Saskatchewan for News Talk Radio, spending her days grilling the premier, cabinet ministers, and the opposition while covering the ins and outs of the provincial legislature. She has been a rock-solid leader in News Talk Radio's coverage of dozens of federal, provincial, and municipal elections. Her unshakable gravitas made her a natural fit in breaking news situations as well, bringing listeners up-to-the-moment details - whether it is covering an Amber Alert, the crash of a Snowbird or the Dagenais trial.

Her wealth of experience is just one reason why Sarah is Rawlco Radio's next great talk show host, however. Her passion for travel, family, sport, and -- of course -- shoes have helped her form a unique vision of the world around her. She's ready to share it with listeners -- and she never shies away from a rousing debate.

Joining her, is the guy you know well -- Dave Arnold, a self-confessed, news junkie, lousy golfer and world traveler.