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Religious group marches in downtown Regina, angers drivers

They might have got a different reaction than what they bargained for.

A group of Christians from the Aman House Ministries took to the streets of Regina on Saturday hoping to spread the message of Christ.

“We’re marching together in unity because we know that there are issues in our city—crime rate issues, drug and alcohol addictions,” said Pastor Edmund Jordan. “We’re making this march so that the strong house could come down and God’s wisdom and knowledge could be released to bring God’s people to a place of understanding.”

Regina International Airport CEO pleased with growth

Growth at the Regina International Airport continues to soar.

The airport recently had an economic impact study conducted that gave a snapshot of 2012. The study indicated that each year, roughly $746 million worth of economic activity was generated there.

“The airport’s economic activity represents now, eight per cent of Regina’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP),” President and CEO Jim Hunter announced.

Latest provincial traffic blitz targeting intersections

This week is a good chance for Regina drivers to bone up on their driver training.

Traffic police and SGI are rolling out two simultaneous traffic blitzes, which run on August 21 and 22.

The first is SGI's "Operation Crossroads", which will target violations at intersections province-wide. Police will be looking specifically for failures to yield, disobeying stop signs or street lights, and jaywalking.

"More than 40 per cent of crashes in the province take place at intersections" says Kelly Brinkworth, Media Relations Manager with SGI.

Victim identified in fatal crash north of Moose Jaw Saturday

Moose Jaw RCMP have now identified the man who died in a motorcycle collision Saturday night.

Colin Shepherd, 55, of Moose Jaw was apparently driving the motorcycle southbound on Hwy 2 near Buffalo Pound.  He was with a group of riders when his bike left the road, rolling into the ditch.

The Moose Jaw man was pronounced dead at the scene.  Speed and alcohol are believed to be factors in the crash.

Two-car collision near Bethune backs up Hwy 11 trafic

An accident on Highway 11 has traffic severely backed up.

RCMP have yet to release a statement, but CJME listeners have texted in saying two vehicles have collided south of Bethune.

RCMP and EMS services have been called to the scene.

Check back for more updates.

Food bloggers stop in Saskatoon for taste of the Prairies

Two women are travelling across Canada to find out what "Canadian food" really is. 

Dana Van Veller and fellow food lover Lindsay Anderson came up with the idea for their edible road trip over dinner in Vancouver.

"We kind of started talking about how when most people are asked what is Canadian food the answers typically are poutine, maple syrup, or Canada doesn't have a food culture," Van Veller said.

"We kind of thought there is so much land, Canada is so big and there is lots here. We just wanted to explore it and celebrate what’s going on."

6 people injured in Highway 1 accident near Moose Jaw

A highway accident near Moose Jaw had traffic shut down for a few hours on Thursday night.

At around 6:20 p.m. Moose Jaw RCMP released a notice on their Shield App that six people had been injured in an accident involving a semi.

CAA gives tips to stay safe on Aug. long highways

It’s pretty much common sense: pay attention, slow down and stay sober.

With thousands of people hitting Saskatchewan’s roads over the August long weekend, the CAA is reminding drivers to drive responsibly and avoid any unnecessary accidents on the province’s highways.

With a number of construction projects underway on Saskatchewan’s roads, Christine Niemczyk with CAA asked for travellers to slow down in the orange zone.

Red Cross says stay safe near water this weekend

The long weekend is upon us, and with Saskatchewanian’s penchant for good lake fun, the Red Cross is reminding parents to keep an eye on their children around the water.

According to a release sent out on Friday, the likelihood of a child drowning increases by 22 per cent if they live on the Prairies.

Moose Jaw is not "chill" about Victoria ad campaign

It was a bit of joshing that may have gone a little too far.

Victoria BC's downtown business association kicked off a marketing campaign last week which poked fun at Moose Jaw. Some residents of the Saskatchewan city were less than impressed, including Moose Jaw's City Council. Deputy Mayor Patrick Boyle said he was disappointed when he first saw it, calling it a matter of civic pride.

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