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Multiple crashes detour Highway 7 traffic east of Kindersley

No one was hurt, but traffic had to be rerouted around a crash east of Kindersley Wednesday morning.

RCMP said they were first called out to Highway 7, about three kilometres east of Kindersley, because an SUV rolled and landed in the north ditch.

Then, a semi-trailer going east came across the initial accident and ran into a flat-bed semi. The simi jack-knifed blocking the highway and the flat-bed semi slid and hit a parked SUV.

Police said icy roads, fog, poor visibility and speed are all factors in the accidents.

Highway 6 closes after semi crash near Milestone

A section of Highway 6 was closed Wednesday morning after two semis collided north of Milestone.

RCMP say a semi hauling lumber slid into the ditch and got stuck. A second semi hauling produce wasn't able to stop and ended up hitting the first semi. Neither of the men driving the trucks were hurt.

Mounties were called to the scene around 4:45 a.m. The road is completely blocked with one semi in the northbound ditch and one in the southbound ditch. Food has spilled from the truck that was hauling produce leaving celery and cantaloupe on the highway.

Sask. police charge hundreds for impaired driving in December

Drinking and driving is a problem any time of the year, but it seems to have been especially bad during the holidays.

Hundreds of people in Saskatchewan were ticketed last month for impaired driving.
In December, police kept an eye out for impaired driving, charging 264 people with impaired driving or driving while over 0.08 (BAC). That number is still about 50 fewer people than were charged in December 2013 when police were working on the same focus. However, it's three times as many as were charged in May 2014 (80).

Ferry ice bridge a local shortcut, not provincial roadway

The Clarkboro ice bridge is not a provincial route but a shortcut created by locals, according to the province.

This after a woman from Colonsay plunged into the icy water of the South Saskatchewan River in her car on Friday after attempting to cross it.

Driver walks away from collision with bus cargo trailer

The driver of a car managed to walk away without serious injury after they rear ended a Greyhound bus' cargo trailer Saturday morning.

Saskatoon Fire Department said they were called to the accident on Highway 16, eight kilometers east of Saskatoon, around 8:18 a.m.

A car had rear ended a westbound Greyhound bus cargo trailer, wedging itself under the trailer and destroying the front end of the car.

No one on the bus was hurt and passengers were transferred to another bus.

More than 20,000 Sask. drivers captured speeding in December

The first month of the photo-radar camera program in Saskatchewan captured thousands of people speeding by the cameras.

SGI had said earlier in the month that nearly 5,000 warnings had been given to speedy drivers. Now the crown has received a full set of data from Xerox, the company gathering the data, which shows a lot more notices will need to be sent out.

Cars may be kept off University Bridge during repairs

Who will be allowed to cross the University Bridge during its four-month rehabilitation this summer is still up in the air, but council has ideas.

On one side, wearing his MD ambulance hat, Councillor Troy Davies continues to push to have the single lane dedicated to emergency vehicles like ambulances, police and fire trucks.

Saskatoon holding off on increasing parking meter fines

The City of Saskatoon is holding off on some proposed parking hikes.

In June, parking fines for cars illegally parked in fire routes or handicapped spots are getting bumped up from $40 and $50 to $200 with no option for a reduced payment. $10 parking fines related to parking in a space for more than 36 hours and parking too far from the curbside will land a $30 fine.

VIDEO: Regina cyclists enjoy a winter ride

Even on the coldest winter days in Regina, Anna Torgunrud will get out her bike and ride it to work.

Torgunrud is one of many in Regina who take cycling seriously, and her bike is just as prepared for the winter elements as some peoples' cars and trucks.

Sask. drivers reminded to slow down when passing tow trucks

The RCMP and Saskatchewan tow truck operators want drivers to slow down when passing them on the highway.
Some tow truck drivers have been asking the RCMP for an escort when they pull people out of the ditch lately because drivers aren't slowing down when passing.

The RCMP is reminding drivers that the law says you must slow down to 60 km/h when passing emergency vehicles with lights flashing; fines for not doing so start at $464.

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