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Saskatoon finding ways to deal with frigid temperatures

With dipping temperatures and frigid winds, people in Saskatoon continue to find ways to deal with the chill.

Bundled in layers with only her eyes showing through, Dayna Firby worked through the cold at the Co-op gas station in Stonebridge.

"I'm bundled up pretty good (with) about four or five layers of pants; a few layers of tops with a jacket; then mitts; a toque and ear warmers. It's a lot of stuff but it helps," she said with a laugh.

"We have had worse. Last year was - 60 C and we were still out here pumping gas."

Nearly 5,000 speeders sent warnings in Sask.

Saskatchewan's photo-radar cameras have been keeping an eye on drivers for nearly one month, generating nearly 5,000 warnings that people are simply going too fast.

SGI is releasing some of the first data collected from the eight cameras across the province. The cameras rotate between 28 different locations including Regina's Ring Road and school zones, Saskatoon's Circle Drive and school zones, Highway 1 outside of Moose Jaw and school zones in that city, as well as Highway 1 east of Regina and Highway 12 near Martensville.

University of Regina welcomes int'l students to chilly Canada

International students will be flying into Regina this weekend before a new semester begins, and volunteers from the university are at the airport to welcome them to Canada.
Snow and cold temperatures greeted the students on Friday evening. Zishan Nasir held a bright yellow sign with the school's name on it to show students they aren't alone.
Nasir said he helps students with transportation and answers all of their questions about campus life. For many students, it's their first time to Canada and sometimes they need help to deal with the cold.

Program offers free New Year's Eve rides in Regina

For the 27th year, people in Regina celebrating New Year's will be able to get home safely thanks to Ding in the New Year.
The campaign was launched earlier in the month and will provide free transit for people on New Year's Eve starting at 7 p.m. and ending at 2:15 a.m. the following morning.
"There was about 2,400 people who used the service last year, and it's expected to increase again this year," said Meaghann White, president of the Saskatchewan chapter of Students Against Drinking & Driving.

Regina airport busy during extreme-cold weather

It's a busy time of year at the Regina International Airport as people take a mid-winter vacation or head home for the holidays. Those returning to Saskatchewan are getting a big shock when they land in the extreme cold.

Dave Shepherd landed Monday afternoon after returning from balmy Ecuador.

"This is terrible. I'm not liking this at all," he said, "(I was) walking through the rain forest yesterday and in the snow and cold today."

Grandma sends her love on the bus

It’s the busiest week of the year at the bus depot in Regina. People are catching rides to see their loved ones and others are shipping last-minute parcels.

“I found something really cute for them,” said Joan Whelan, as she carried a big, white box into the parcel entrance.

Whelan packed away two dresses for her two great-granddaughters, seven and nine years old, albeit a little last minute.

“I do this every year. It’s a habit I have,” laughed Whelan.

The waiting area for travelers was also packed on Tuesday.

Christmas week starts with icy roads in south Sask.

Swirling snow, icy slippery sections and reduced visibility due to snow and fog are just some of the factors contributing to poor driving conditions across southern Saskatchewan.

Travel is not recommended on Highway 43 or Highway 58 in the southwest around Gravelbourg due to ice and swirling snow.

Across the rest of the province there are reports of icy sections and swirling snow on provincial highways to the east and west.

Paying to pass: some Sask. First Nations charging fees on roads

Questions about jurisdiction with the Muscowpetung Saulteaux First Nation have turned a trip down a Saskatchewan grid road into an expensive journey.
One day in July 2013, Greg Bartsch, the owner of Bartsch Building Movers, was hauling a house to a spot near Edenwold and took grid road 640 to get there.

Thick fog slows down Christmas travellers

It was a distressing start of the day for scores of people who thought they were flying out for the holidays Sunday morning.
Flights out of the Regina International Airport were cancelled because of thick fog that also stopped planes from landing late Saturday night.
In all, three flights were impacted on Sunday - the early WestJet flight to Calgary, the morning Delta flight to Minneapolis and the United 7:40 a.m. flight to Denver.

Freezing rain causes delays at Regina airport

The icy weather did not just impact the highways on Saturday - Christmas travellers flying into Regina saw their planes delayed as well.
Patrica was on the flight from Edmonton which had to circle the airport for half an hour as the runways were too icy and had to be cleared off.

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