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City of Saskatoon

Man fights with car full of teenagers, ends up with 'very worn out shoes'

Saskatoon police say a 53-year-old man has "very worn out shoes" following an altercation Tuesday afternoon.

Witnesses say two young men were driving around Eastlake Avenue and Hilliard Street when one of them started shouting insults at a woman on the street.

This prompted the 53-year-old man she was with to get into his own vehicle and follow them.

Police say both vehicles stopped not far away. That's when the man approached the first vehicle and shoved his arm into one of the windows.

Saskatoon Transit amping up service for outlying neighbourhoods

Starting Sunday, the City of Saskatoon is tweaking transit service in an effort to better serve growing communities outside of Circle Drive.

City council’s approved the moves on June 9. Bob Howe, director of Saskatoon Transit, said the shake-up adds buses to busier routes and creates more connectivity throughout the city’s transit hubs.

“We’ve heard from customers that they want more direct trips and more predictable schedules and a lot of these route enhancements we’ve designed are to address those issues,” Howe said. 

Saskatoon soccer fans watch Brazil squeak out a World Cup win

It was a nail-biting game as Brazil defeated Chile in extra time Saturday afternoon.

"Oh my god, it was amazing," Sugandhi Del Canto said after the match.

Meewasin looks 10 years ahead

The Meewasin Valley Authority is planning a face lift in the next decade.

Wednesday they released plans to update and extend trails as well as focus more on conservation and water access.

"The priority of Meewasin is always our natural areas. Natural areas are really the foundation for all that Meewasin does," Erin Akins said.

Public boat launch closed until further notice

The public boat launch in Saskatoon will remain closed until further notice after concerns about water safety.

The Water Security Agency has increased the outflows from the Gardiner Dam to over 1,100 cubic metres per second and rising. Normal outflow is around 350 cubic metres per second.

The Saskatoon Fire Department said in a media release that the increased water flow is creating a serious safety concern for people using the river and the public is advised to take their water activities to nearby lakes and rivers.

Near record rainfall causing construction delays

Saskatoon has seen rainfall numbers the city hasn't seen since the 1940s says Galen Heinrichs, engineering manager at Saskatoon Water.
The last 30 days have seen nearly eight inches of rain fall on the city, half of which occurred in the past week.
"We're not necessarily expecting that we're going to have basement flooding, but we're just recognizing that we're kind of at a higher risk time right now," Heinrichs said.
He said Saskatoon is one big rain storm away from potentially facing trouble.

Council approves parking meter overhaul

The days of having only one option to pay for parking in Saskatoon will soon become a thing of the past.

On Monday city council approved a $5.3 million contract, awarding the new parking infrastructure project to Cale Systems Inc. They will replace 2,800 single-space parking meters downtown and in the three business improvement districts replacing them with 325 solar-powered pay stations.

No changes coming to leisure program registration

Out-of-towners trying to access Saskatoon leisure centre programs will not be dinged with higher fees and they will not have to wait longer to register online.

“I can see this becoming the thin edge of a wedge that actually sets us back on those bigger picture issues and I would much rather follow in the spirit of a collaborative approach on this like regional planning,” Councillor Charlie Clark said .

Council votes on priority option for rec program registration

Should Saskatoon taxpayers get priority registration when it comes to leisure programs in Saskatoon?

A report heading to city council on Monday explains there are tools at the city’s disposal where they can modify the leisure program registration system giving Saskatoon residents preferential registration over non-residents.

Corman Park Reeve Judy Harwood said she sees this as being difficult to manage because there are varying types of residencies in Saskatoon.

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