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City of Saskatoon

Saskatchewan Ukrainians plan convoy in support of protesters

As the political crisis in Ukraine rages on, Saskatchewan's Ukrainian community is not content to just sit and watch.

Their latest show of support for protesters in the capital Kiev and other Ukrainian cities is a convoy between Saskatoon and Regina.

Around 60 vehicles are expected to set out from Saskatoon's Preston Crossing, adorned with the colours of Saskatchewan and Ukraine. They will move through downtown before eventually heading south on highway 11 to the provincial legislature in Regina.

Police investigate stabbing

An 18-year-old woman walked into St. Paul's Hospital Friday morning bloodied after being stabbed.

Saskatoon Police are now investigating after the woman entered the hospital around 7 a.m. suffering from a serious stab wound. 

Her injuries were serious, but police said she is now in stable condition.

Police are now trying to determine where the incident occurred and who was involved.

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Saskatoon lowers MUD recycling price

The new price per unit for the Cosmopolitan Industries multi-unit recycling program is $2.50, down from $4.66 proposed last August.

But some property managers, like London Flats Condo president Ryan Janzen, it’s good, but not good enough.

“It’s unacceptable, especially when the private sector is doing a better job than that,” Janzen said, adding his 71 tenants in Lakewood currently pay $2.07 for weekly recycling collections with Loraas.

“$2.50 is a lot better than the $4.66 I’ll give them that, that $2.16 less, so we’re over halfway there.”

City of Saskatoon recommends $2.50 per unit for citywide multi-unit recycling

The City is proposing a city-wide multi-unit residential recycling program, which if approved by Council will start in late 2014.

A report released on Thursday includes a recommendation for a cost of $2.50 per unit per month for the proposed city-wide multi-unit recycling program.  Results from recent public consultations and the independent review of the Cosmopolitan Industries business plan for the program are also included in the report.

Multi-unit recycling fees could come to light Thursday afternoon

Later Thursday condo owners and renters could find out how much multi-unit recycling will cost.

The City of Saskatoon will release a report outlining the latest developments in the Cosmo Compromise. The report contains a business plan and audit from Deloitte as well as more details about how Cosmopolitan Industries plans to deliver recycling to over 900 buildings across Saskatoon.

Cosmo recycling deal going under the microscope

The latest plans in the city’s push for multi-unit recycling is coming before city councillors on Monday, when the executive committee made up of city councillor and the mayor will review Cosmopolitan Industries business plan and decide whether to go ahead or not.

Since the city of Saskatoon signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Cosmopolitan Industries in August, both sides have been working to develop a mandatory citywide program for 900+ condos and apartment buildings in Saskatoon.

Double amputee unhappy with parking tickets

Double-amputee Steve Simonar would like meter attendants with the City of Saskatoon to be more observant.

Simonar, who has been missing both arms since a boating accident nearly 30 years ago, said that he cannot put money in the meter. He received special accreditation from the city to put on his car to show attendants that he doesn't have to put money in the meter.

"It's big and bold right hanging from my windshield and I don't know how you can't see it," Simonar said on Saskatoon Afternoon.

"They just don't look and they give me tickets."

Saskatoon police plan crackdown on lightless bikes

Riding your bike without a light and reflector after sundown could cost you.

Saskatoon’s bike bylaw states that a front light and rear reflector or light must be used 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise.

The Light Up Your Life campaign is educating cyclists until  police step up enforcement of the bylaw Aug. 1. Officers will be handing out $50 tickets, which are $25 if paid within two weeks.

Atchison pleased with Building Canada Fund announcement

Mayor Don Atchison came in smiling to address reporters shortly after the Harper government announced $14.4 billion for the Building Canada Fund (BCF) in the 2014 budget.

“We don’t have all the details but we have an understanding of what they’re going to be,” Atchison said Thursday. “(The criteria) aligns with a lot of projects we want to do in Saskatoon and we have a lot of projects ready to go.”

Saskatoon snow clearing crews back in full swing

Strong winds and a couple of more inches of snow is Mother Nature’s way of saying winter is sticking around.

With Environment Canada forecasting 15 centimetres of snow in the next 24 hours, the City of Saskatoon’s snow-clearing program is back in full swing. Since pushing pause on the citywide snow clearing a couple of weeks ago because of freezing conditions, director of public works Pay Hyde said crews have been shaving ruts in core neighbourhoods where the streets are narrow and street parking is a priority.

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