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City of Saskatoon

City looks to secure funding for new bridge by 2014

Mayor Don Atchison said there is a lot of interest from industry and citizens in adding more bridges to the Bridge City.

"You can see the benefits already of Circle Drive South Bridge and how much people are enjoying it. Quite frankly, the people that live and have to work in the northeast and northwest end of the city should have that same opportunity now," he said.

The city is working to secure funding from other levels of government for building a north commuter bridge and a new traffic bridge by 2016.

City of Saskatoon to increase taxes

Taxes are going up.

The question remains though: by how much?

The road levy of 1.25 per cent in the 2013 budget wasn’t getting the city to their $31 million goal fast enough.  They estimated it would take 10 years to raise the cash. Now, they have proposed some ways city council could meet their target sooner. 

Going before city council on Wednesday are two options: A flat fee of $170, or a variable ad valorem rate increase of 8.76 per cent over the next three years. 

Saskatoon moving to stiffer enforcement for street sweeping and snow clearing

Ignoring ‘No Parking’ signs during snow clearing and street sweeping seasons could land drivers a fine and a tow around the block.

“Our previous approach was just to let people know when we were sweeping or snow clearing in their neighbourhoods and then leaving it up to them to whether or not they move their cars,” said utility services manager Jeff Jorgensen.

Monday, Jorgensen presented a report to the executive committee made up of the 10 city councillors and the mayor, outlining a new approach to get cars off the streets so city crews can do their job.

Rally held in remembrance of Saskatoon teen

The gymnasium at Centennial Collegiate was full of friends, family and people from the community wearing sports jerseys, who gathered to celebrate the life of Quinn Stevenson.
There was a huge amount of support that filled the gymnasium this afternoon at the pep rally held in memory of the teen killed in a car crash last weekend.
As everyone stood up the baseball team Stevenson was on, wearing blue and whit

City's second quarter projects $2 million deficit

The City of Saskatoon is in the red half way through the year with a projected $2 million deficit.

This spring’s pothole blitz, landfill equipment breakdowns and decreased revenues from leisure centres and landfill visits contributed to the city’s deficit prediction in the Corporate Business Plan and Budget second quarter results. Increased fuel prices were also a factor.

City warns drivers about reduced speed limits on Circle Drive

After a number of people received speeding tickets this week, the City of Saskatoon issued a reminder to drivers on Friday to watch for work zones on the Circle Drive South project.

The 60 kilometre per hour speed limit is still in effect on Circle Drive in the eastbound direction near Preston Avenue.

As work gets completed, the city says the normal 90 kilometer per hour speed limit will be restored and there will be signage letting drivers know.

That's little consolation for drivers who have complained the constructin signage is confusing.

City may purchase Vecima Building

The solution to the city's space problem may be right across the street from City Hall.

"An opportunity has arisen that the Vecima Building, which is the former post office has become available," said City Manager Murray Totland.

He said a report will go to City Council recommending the purchase of the building for $13.4 million dollars.

The purchase is part of a strategy to address the city's current and long term need for more office space.

Proposed tax hike to fix crumbling roads

The City of Saskatoon has put a price tag on the cost to fix its crumbling roads, but the plan to address the problem could mean another property tax increase for residents.

On Thursday, city officals said they would need to spend an additional $19.8-million every year to return streets and sidewalks to top condition.

To raise money, the city’s administration is proposing two options, a nearly nine per cent property tax increase over three years or a base tax of $170 each year per household.

New lanes open up at Preston Avenue interchange

The Preston Avenue interchange is still a few months away from completion, but drivers now have one less detour to navigate through.

Doug Dreaver, project manager with the City of Saskatoon, said the westbound lanes on Circle Drive under Preston Avenue opened to traffic Tuesday at noon.

And there is more good news on the horizon with east-west traffic only weeks away.

"We'll have eastbound traffic under there probably around Labour Day weekend as well."

Art and culture, centre stage with latest streetscaping project

By the end of September, a window in the Riversdale's cultural heritage will be carved on 20th Street West.

"It's a reflection of the community in terms of, 'here's who we are and what we're about,'" said Randy Pshebylo, executive director of the Riversdale Business Improvement District (BID).

On Tuesday, the City of Saskatoon and the Riversdale community kicked off the next phase of the 20th Street Streetscape project, as crews began working on the southside of 20th Street between Avenue E and F.

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