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City of Saskatoon

Ex-Hells Angel sentenced for threatening former boss

An ex- Hells Angel member convicted of threatening to kill his former boss learned his fate Friday at Saskatoon's Court of Queens Bench.

Jesse Leigh Bitz, 42, was sentenced to one year probation and fined $2,500. He was also ordered to pay a $750 victim surcharge.

Bitz was accused of three charges of uttering threats to cause the death of Leonard Banga. Bitz had been employed at Banga’s Xtreme Mining and Demolition Inc. He was fired in 2012.

Projected deficit leads City of Saskatoon to freeze spending until New Year

In light of a projected budget deficit, the City of Saskatoon has frozen discretionary spending until the end of the year.

The freeze comes just in time for the holidays, when departments and city staff usually take time to celebrate the end of the year with parties.

“We do this every time we get into a situation where we think we're heading into a year-end where we might have a deficit,” the city’s chief financial officer Kerry Tarasoff said.  “We’ve asked our departments to hold off of any spending they feel they can get away with.”

Saskatoon woman wants dead dog's remains back from city

A Saskatoon woman would like her dead dog's ashes from the City of Saskatoon after it was run over by a vehicle last month.

Megan Isbister was out of town for the weekend and left Nanook in the care of her boyfriend.  He told Isbister that Saturday night (Oct.25) he took Nanook outside the apartment for a bathroom break but Nanook wandered away before a white SUV pulled up, called to Nanook and he jumped inside.

Nanook was not wearing his collar.

Saskatoon WW1 veterans memorialized in book

A special book featuring Saskatoon veterans of the First World War will be unveiled Thursday evening.

The First World War Book of Remembrance is a gift to the city from the Military Institute of Saskatoon. City Archivist Jeff O'Brien said the book features 622 names and another 69 from the University of Saskatchewan who gave their lives during the war.

"A lot of war memorials of the First World War now tend to memorialize the war. This, is a war memorial but it's purpose is to memorialize individuals."

National award for Saskatoon physician

A career practicing and teaching medicine has led to a Saskatoon doctor receiving some high recognition from her peers.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) is presenting Dr. Nora Mckee with the Reg L. Perkin Award as one of the country's most outstanding doctors.

A colleague nominated Mckee for the award.

"The reasons he thought I deserved an award is because I still provide that full service practice. Where as a lot of people don't go to nursing homes or don't deliver babies ... their practice becomes more focused," she said.

Saskatoon tower would draw new downtown skyline

Once built North Prairie Developments' city centre tower will be the tallest skyscraper in Saskatoon.

“It’s the biggest project downtown since the Radisson and the twin towers and that was done in the early 1980s,” planning and development general manager Alan Wallace said.

The development slated for 22nd Street and Third Avenue includes three phases; two office and commercial buildings and a 290-unit condo building.

Gormley Gathering raises over $100,000

For a fourth year, The Gormley Gathering helped raise important funds for patients living with prostate cancer and other diseases in Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan.

The cocktail party Monday evening at Persephone Theatre raised $104,000 for Leslie and Irene Dubé Urology Centre of Health at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Outside of ticket sales, major donations came from Potash Corp who contributed $25,000. Rob and Sandra Stromberg donated $20,000 and ICR gave a total of $15,000.

Bus riders group pushing for better public transit in Saskatoon

In the wake of month-long public transit lockout, an advocacy group in Saskatoon is calling for improved service which they feel will fix many ailments in the city.

“Even if you don't take transit, a better bus service means there's less congestion on the road, less wear and tear, and lots of people are interested in more funding for roads -- it's the same thing,” Sirena Gersher with Bus Riders of Saskatoon said.

Saskatoon transit fares resume Saturday

After 11 days of free transit services in Saskatoon, regular transit fares come back in place today.

Transit customers are encouraged to repurchase a monthly pass or activate an extension if a refund was not received for their September 2014 Transit Pass.

Traffic lights coming to Marquis Drive and Hwy 16

Drivers coming in and out of Saskatoon’s northwest on Highway 16 can expect to deal with one more set of traffic lights.

While the City of Saskatoon waits for money to fund a couple of more overpasses along Marquis Drive, they’re moving ahead and installing a set of traffic signals at Marquis Drive and Highway 16 by SaskTel Centre.

Director of Transportation Angela Gardiner, said they’re hoping to get underground work done before the ground freezes, hoping to have traffic signals as well as flashing warning lights operational before the end of the year.

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