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City of Saskatoon

North bridge on Saskatoon's provincial budget wishlist

All indications suggest Wednesday's provincial budget will be tight but balanced. 

Like every other Saskatchewan city, town, and village, the City of Saskatoon has a wish list. The hope is, there might be a few dollars to help build a new north bridge. But Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison says he isn't looking for any particular dollar figure. At least not yet.

Motorcyclists feeling marginalized by Saskatoon city council

City council’s wish is to write a bylaw that would enforce vehicle noise for motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Technology and decibel limits exist only to test motorcycle noise, so Councillor Zach Jeffries said unfortunately that’s as far as a bylaw extends.

“What it comes down to is the availability of technology and at this point technology exists to test motorcycles and I hope it’s going to be available to test other vehicles in the near future,” he said.

Classes cancelled at St. Philip school due to water main break

Tuesday's classes have been cancelled for the 235 students at Saint Philip Catholic Elementary School in Saskatoon.

It's all because of yet another water main break, which cut water service to the building and left a four-metre wide hole in the street outside.

City crews are working to repair it. Classes should resume on Wednesday.

There were no classes on Monday because of a professional learning day for teachers.

Water main woes sink backhoe

Water main repairs at Taylor Street and Haultain Avenue suffered a set back on Monday when a cave in caused a backhoe to fall into the hole.

The backhoe was pulled out with the help of a small crane and then put onto a flat bed truck.

City crews have been swamped with a high number of breaking water pipes this year.

Teen sentenced to custody for stabbing stranger in alley

A Saskatoon youth will spend just under a year in custody for stabbing a stranger who he met in an alley four times last month.

The 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was sentenced Monday to 11 months 10 days in secure custody and five months 20 days of community supervision after pleading guilty to aggravated assault on Mar. 3.

The teen stabbed Tom Brassoy, 50, after encountering him in an alley off the 1900 block of 22nd Street West in the late afternoon of Feb. 27.

Saskatoon firefighters reach into past with new name

From now on, people can refer to firefighters collectively as the Saskatoon Fire Department.

Water main break woes continue in Saskatoon

Toni Taylor remembers her basement full of water as she walks down the stairs in her Saskatoon home. 

"It sounded like a waterfall. It was unbelievable the noise that was coming through," she said, adding the water flowed in the front of her home, through the basement and out the back yard.

Man accused in Boulet murder denied bail

A Saskatoon judge has denied bail for a man facing charges in connection to the city's second murder of the year.

The bail hearing for Estevan Fuenzalida, 24, was held at Saskatoon's Court of Queen's Bench on Tuesday, but Justice Mona Dovell handed down her written decision Wednesday afternoon.

She said if the accused was released on bail, "the Court is not satisfied that any stringent conditions would be available to ensure the safety of the community or that the administration of justice might not be interfered with."

City of Saskatoon starts accelerated snow grading

It might feel like spring outside in Saskatoon but the city is still bringing out equipment to deal with winter.

Wednesday morning crews began the accelerated snow grading in College Park, College Park East, Confederation Park and Dundonald.

"This is not exactly the same as the city-wide program that we started back on Jan. 20 and had to suspend on Jan. 29 due to the extreme cold temperatures we were experiencing at the time," Pat Hyde, City of Saskatoon director of Public Works, explained.

City pushes for pedestrian centered development in core neighbourhoods

City planners tabled a report outlining future development plans in Pleasant Hill and Meadowgreen.

As Riversdale continues to develop on 20th Street westbound from Idylwyld Drive, the City of Saskatoon wants to promote future development further west. Dubbed the Junction Plan, the city is hoping to assist the core neighbourhoods as they move through their current transitional phase.

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