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City of Saskatoon

Saskatoon city council to debate anti-bullying bylaw

A Saskatoon mother is leading the charge to have an anti-bullying bylaw put into place in the city.
When Brigette Krieg's daughter was being bullied relentlessly electronically, the only option they had was to collect enough evidence to file a criminal charge.
"I don't think it should go that far, I think there's lots of opportunity where we could be educating kids on healthy communication, how to deal with conflict," she said in an interview on John Gormley Live.

Pride flag to go before city council

The Avenue Community Centre has asked the Saskatoon city council to join other communities across Canada in raising the rainbow flag.

Flags have been raised across the country to show support for the LGBTQ community after months of controversy over Russia’s anti-gay laws preceding the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

"It's important to show solidarity with the other communities across Canada who... have used this wonderful, powerful symbol of diversity," said Avenue Community Centre Executive Director Rachel Loewen Walker.

City councillor calling for anti-bullying bylaw

The anti-bullying bug has hit one Saskatoon city councillor.

“I find children who are bullies grow up to be adults who are bullies and that's where we see toxic work places, we're hearing a lot about sick-leave usage that's high in workplaces and part of that is the toxic workplaces,” Ward 3 Councillor Ann Iwanchuk said Friday.

City of Saskatoon eyes twinning University Bridge

Known as the City of Bridges it should come as no surprise that the City of Saskatoon is mulling over the idea of adding another core bridge at 24th Street.

The idea will be presented at a Feb. 25 open house with the launch of a new public consultation process dubbed There, director of planning and development, Alan Wallace said consultants will bring the idea forward and gauge the public’s reaction.

“We’re talking about core bridge capacity and that’s really tied to things like transit and higher volumes of traffic into our city centre,” Wallace said Tuesday.

Fire chief calls for long-term strategy for rail safety

Saskatoon’s fire chief says open lines of communication between emergency managers and the rail companies is the key to rail safety.

“Knowing the commodity that you’re dealing with is the basis of response,” Fire Chief Dan Paulsen said.

“It’s also the quantity of product coming through the city. One car load of chlorine as compared to 1,000 helps you identify risk levels.”

Charges laid in fatal pedestrian collision

A 28-year-old Saskatoon man has turned himself into police nearly six months after a fatal pedestrian collision in the city.

The collision occurred on the 100 block of Molloy Street back on July. 3, 2013. Two pedestrians had been struck by a vehicle, which also struck a parked pickup truck.

The pedestrians and the driver were all taken to hospital with injuries, but one of the pedestrians, a 61-year-old man, later died.

The accused, who was 27 at the time of the collision is facing a number of charges including impaired driving cause death.

Saskatoon officer charged with assault

A 12-year-member of the Saskatoon Police Service has been charged with  common assault following a domestic incident Friday morning.

Around 4 a.m. police were were called to a home on Rosewood Boulevard about a domestic dispute. After speaking to the man and woman in the home, police arrested the man, 40-year-old Const.Robert Brown who was off duty. The woman was not injured.

A police spokesperson said Brown remains on active duty and an a review of the incident would take place at the end of the court process.

Group rallies behind alternative bridge concepts

A city centre bridge for everyone, to enhance recreational facilities in the city’s core and connect River Landing to Rotary Park.

That’s the vision for the Traffic Bridge according to the Saskatoon group SCRUB (Saskatoon Coalition to Revisit and Reimagine our Urban Bridge).

“We’re missing a huge opportunity to invest in something that’s going to add to the city of Saskatoon, add to our quality of life make this a destination city, which a Traffic Bridge won’t do,” SCRUB organizer Marcel D’Eon said Thursday.

Thick ice forces City of Saskatoon to postpone snow clearing program

The City of Saskatoon has postponed its snow clearing program amid fluctuating temperatures and thick ice.

Saskatoon's roller coaster temperatures, which fluctuated between 7 C and -30 C in the past two weeks, have caused an impenetrable top layer of ice on residential roads and the clearing machines can't get a grip.

“It’s extremely difficult for the graders to cut into that (ice),” Director of Public Works Pat Hyde said.

Highway 11 interchange coming for Stonebridge

While the city draws up the next interchange at Highway 11 and Victor Road in Stonebridge, exactly how it will look and how soon it can be built still hangs in the balance.

“The Stonebridge neighbourhood has paid for a good portion of this as well we’ve collected interchange levies from other developments but we haven’t collected any funding from the undeveloped lands,” city manager Murray Totland said Monday.

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