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City of Saskatoon

UPDATE: Saskatoon woman loses deportation battle

Update, Sept. 16 -- As Jamila Bibi waited to depart Canada for Pakistan, her deportation case came up in Question Period. The following is a transcript of that exchange for the record.

City of Saskatoon mulls new road designs

City councillors learned the City of Saskatoon could be building better roads without breaking the bank.

“You get what you pay for and the residents of Saskatoon have been frustrated with the quality of our roads for the past few years,” Ward 5 Councillor Randy Donauer told News Talk.

On Monday the transportation committee at city hall learned new design standards on how to build roads could be adopted here in Saskatoon – extending the life of our roadways and resulting in less potholes and road failures.

Concerned transit riders form group to advocate change

Saskatoon bus riders frustrated with the public transit system have come together for the first time to advocate for change.

The group held their first meeting Sunday to discuss transit weaknesses and suggest ways to foster and advocate for solutions.

“There’s a lot going on right now that could be changed and improved upon and so this is just a space for people to come together and start talking about what we want to see as users of the transit system,” meeting co-organizer Sarah Binnie said.

Saskatoon food truck festival celebrates a burgeoning community

When Scout Tex Hall owner Sierra McCann opened her Tex Mex food truck in Saskatoon last spring, she worried about tough competition and aggressive vendors.

"When I started that was my big concern; that we would be competing against one another, and Saskatoon is so small we can't hide in Stonebridge and at the University, we have to work together," McCann said.

Old buses attracting tourists to Saskatoon

While some may question the City of Saskatoon’s move to purchase 20-year-old buses, there’s a rare breed of tourists salivating over the city’s acquisition.

“Unlike most tourists I don’t go to a place to go check out the sights; I’m a think-outside-the-box kind of guy," Elton McFall, 38, from Montreal said. "I’m just amused to be in a place and watch the kind of traffic. I came to Saskatoon to check all that out and I was aware that because of the dry climate, vehicles don’t rust so there are a lot of old buses.”

New signs inform residents about coyotes in city limits

The City of Saskatoon has started to put up informational signs in areas where coyotes have been frequently spotted.

According to pest management supervisor, Jeff Boone, it's very rare for a coyote to express interest in people or pets, but the signs are there to provide tips in case there is an encounter.

"It's very important to act big, bad and loud. Make noise, be sure that the animal is seeing you and be assertive," Boone said.

Parents concerned over makeshift bus stops in Willowgrove

A busy intersection in Willowgrove is concerning some parents after it has become the drop off and pick up point for school buses because the new schools in the neighbourhood aren't ready yet.

Recycling falling short at summer festivals

Nearly three quarters of garbage collected from four Saskatoon summer festivals should have been recycled, according to a city audit.

A waste audit, conducted by the city, found 71 per cent of garbage collected from the Saskatchewan Jazz, Fringe and Pride festivals and the Canada Day celebrations at Diefenbaker Park should have avoided the landfill.

Persephone looking to keep tax-free status

City councillor Pat Lorje believes city government should stay away from tax abatements.

“I philosophically do not agree that we should be distorting the picture of what it costs for civic services by having tax abatements,” Lorje said this week at the planning committee meeting at city hall.

The Banks' developer surprised with added costs from city hall

The Banks' developer says he’s facing various head-winds as he pushes forward with the highly-anticipated River Landing development project.

As the four-structure residential-commercial project enters its 20-month construction window, Chris Le Fevre said he was caught off guard when the City of Saskatoon informed him of a few added costs he needed to incur if development is to move forward.

The first came when he asked to close Sonnenschein Way from Avenue B to C to work on the site, known as parcel A, uninterrupted, and to store equipment.

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