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City of Saskatoon

Human rights complaint will be dropped if Saskatoon goes secular

A Saskatoon man says he will drop his civil rights case against the City of Saskatoon if they replace prayer recitations with secular thanks.

In a letter to the city, Ashu Solo has offered a secular pre-meal thanks he thinks would be appropriate for city staff, councillors and the mayor to recite at public events.

“I think we’re at a point where we are close together, where it could be settled,” Solo said.

Petition to stop amendment to adult entertainment bylaw

As the City of Saskatoon gets closer to pushing full time strip clubs to the north and southwest industrial areas, a group that includes exotic dancers are pushing to stop the changes. 

"No one thinks of us as people, they think we are just objects they can move and we are not going to have any repercussions from it," said Bobbi Kraken.

Stonebridge next to get direct route to U of S

Residents of Stonebridge can look forward to an express bus service to the University of Saskatchewan.

“There’s a lot of folks in that neighbourhood and a lot of them would like to have a more reliable commuter transit option in light of some of the traffic woes,” said ward Councillor Mairin Loewen.

Saskatoon council doesn't want to be involved in future taxi debates

After a five-year debate on how the City of Saskatoon should regulate taxis, city council is asking the administration to look at the feasibility of an independent taxi licence division and commission.

“It’s an extremely complicated business and the way things have been going, the council decision-making process has taken hours and hours of committee and council time and it’s not good decision-making and it’s wasting people’s time,” Councillor Charlie Clark said.

Council votes to maintain Saskatoon business tax status quo

Businesses in will not see a tax ratio decrease at least until 2017.

On Monday Saskatoon City Council voted not to reduce the municipal business tax ratio from 1.75 to 1.43 over the next 11 years. Instead, council deferred the shift to the next reassessment period, coming in four years.

Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce calls for lower tax

Saskatoon’s Chamber of Commerce says lower tax rates will keep the city business friendly.

That’s why tonight city council will review a proposal to reduce the commercial tax rate from the current level of 175 per cent of the residential rate, down to 143 per cent. 

“The consequence of trying to tax businesses is, you slow their propensity to invest so if you want to have fewer jobs, a smaller tax base -- increase taxes on businesses,” Chamber executive director Kent Smith-Windsor said.

New crosswalk material piloted in downtown Saskatoon

A better road surface aimed at improving pedestrian safety.

That’s the goal behind a new crosswalk on the corner of Third Avenue and 23rd Street in downtown Saskatoon.

The crosswalk is one of the busiest in the city because of the bus mall on 23rd Street between Second and Third Avenue.

Meewasin Trail set to double

Plans to double the size of the Meewasin Trail are underway, along with a fundraising campaign to pay for it.

"There's a total of 16 kilometres that's going to be new and it will attach to an existing 14 kilometres of trail," said Lloyd Isaak, CEO of Meewasin Valley Authority (MVA).

The new portion of trail will connect Wanuskewin Heritage Park to Chief Whitecap Park.

City looking to dispense 18 seasonal taxi licences

The taxi committee is recommending the city of Saskatoon draw names from a hat to decide who gets 18 new seasonal taxi licences.

This recommendation, which still needs the approval from city council on Monday, is not sitting well with United Group general manager Troy Larmer.

New campaign to rally support for safer cycling

A new campaign by Saskatoon Cycles is rallying support to bring safer bike lanes to the city's streets.

The Better Bike Lanes Campaign  was launched on Tuesday with a petition to bring separated bike lanes to two streets next summer.

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